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BHEC, previously known as Be Happy Eat Cheese, began life multiple years ago, on a small and very poorly designed area of the web. It was hosted by Geocities, which has since disappeared and so SADLY I can't link you to BHEC in its original form. Tragedy. But it's better this way, really; I was 12 or 13 or something when I first made it, and that should be explanation enough for the quality of the site.
I remember though that the background was one I got from, it was all one long page, I had some kind of stupid little iframe thing with all my updates in it, and there was just a list of links at the bottom, one for each doll. It never occurred to me to learn the image tag and actually put my dolls together on a page...

After Geocities came BHEC at Bravehost. I just tried to have a look at it, but apparently it's now an "expired website", which I am actually kind of sad about because this version of BHEC was truly hilarious and face-clawingly awful. If you were lucky enough to have visited while it was still up, treasure those fond memories. If not, then rest assured that you missed something special.

And then we came here to my own domain, Scifilullaby. My dad bought it for me in 2005 and it has been thoroughly used and abused since, playing host to not only BHEC, but to every clever website idea that popped into my head and only got half-made. I am not linking those.

It's now June 2013 and I haven't updated properly in ages. The site is all but abandoned in favour of deviantART (I am SO SORRY ;-;) and I am an utter shit. I still like to log in every now and then and write stupid nonsense for no real reason, though. I imagine this site is very weird to anyone who isn't me.

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